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Making up your mind to go for an office move is a big decision in itself and thus you will be wanting that there is minimal disruption during the moving and relocation process.

Irrespective of whether you are relocating a serviced office or a co-working space, proper planning, communication, and preparation holds the key to a successful and smooth transition to a new location.

It is important to remember that an office move can be quite a challenge. However, if you can follow an office moving checklist then things are bound to run more efficiently.

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So, here is a guide that might just make your life a bit easier when you decide for office moving.


Once you have made up your mind that you are going for an office move, make sure to take care of the initial steps. It is recommended that you begin this process at least 3-6 months before the move begins.

  • It may cost you your deposit if you are planning to leave early. So make sure to review your commercial property lease. It is better to be in the know as you may also be responsible for any damages that occur during the move.
  • Planning an office move checklist that has a dedicated planning team is also a good idea. This team can delegate tasks and be responsible for the moving process.
  • Start collecting quotes from various office removalists Sydney to get the best possible value for your money.
  • Check if you need moving insurance for crucial machinery and equipment.
  • Set a budget. This will prevent unnecessary spending.


Upon confirming your moving date it becomes crucial to let both external and internal parties know about your upcoming relocation.

  • Start by notifying your landlord or property manager.
  • Inform your team members about the moving date and address of the new office.
  • Create a list of important individuals whom you need to notify.
  • Make sure that your employee list is up to date.
  • Ensure that your service provider list and client list is up to date as well.
  • Make sure your team members know about their responsibilities ahead of time.
  • Make a reservation with your office movers Sydney.
  • Inform your IT department about the move and discuss what tech will be needed for the day.
  • Give notice to affiliates, local partners, and suppliers about your relocation, especially to those who will be affected by your change of address.

Make sure to send a change of address notice to the following:

  • Partners and clients.
  • Any professional organization that you might belong to.
  • Stationery services.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Food service providers (if any).
  • Bottled water provider (if any).
  • Telephone company.
  • Service providers for photocopiers and printers.
  • Accounts departments (if any).
  • Insurance company.
  • Internet service provider.
  • Finally, to any additional service provider.


This is the step where you consider the logistics of moving all your office equipment to your new office address.

  • Arrange for a detailed floor plan of your new space.
  • Measure the new space and chalk out a plan as to how you’re going to lay things out.
  • Make a list of existing furniture.
  • Consult, if needed, with a furniture company whether you’ll need any new furniture.
  • Place orders for new stationery and furniture if required.
  • Arrange for office moving boxes and external storage facilities. Take the help of an office removal services Sydney provider if needed.
  • Create color codes for each department and allocate a detailed floor plan of action according to them.
  • Assign each employee with a number and that number to their desk and equipment.
  • Specifically, define and name communal spaces on your new floor plan.
  • Sign all official paperwork, licenses, and permits.
  • Book elevators and parking space for the moving day.
  • Arrange for a thorough cleaning service at your current office and also at your new premises. 
  • Finalize security and access code for the new premises.
  • Send a detailed floor plan to your chosen commercial removalists Sydney. You can also arrange a meeting at the new place if you want.
  • Provide your staff with a detailed moving plan for them to follow.
  • Create an emergency contact list for everyone involved with the move.

Here’s what your planning team should be discussing at this stage:

  • Assigning each team member with the responsibility to oversee their department’s packing.
  • Creating a compact packing procedure.
  • Creating a draft consisting of directions to the new location and also instructions on parking and public transport.
  • Allocating a moving pack for each team member in accordance with their color codes, desk number, and information about the new place.
  • Creating a standardized way to label all equipment and making sure that all staff is involved.
  • Making sure that everyone takes home their personal belongings.
  • Deciding who will stay behind at the current location till the last truck has reached the new location and who will be present at the new address to supervise.
  • Ensuring that each department has emptied and packed or sealed their respective filing cabinets.
  • Making sure that the color codes and desk numbers are clearly marked at the new place.
  • Checking whether the keys, tags, access codes, and security information are all available.


By now you should have everything under control and must be feeling well-prepared. Follow these tips on the big day of your move to make things smoother for you and your staff:

  • Keep the list of emergency numbers that you have prepared close at hand.
  • Keep aside budget specifically for refreshments for the moving team and everyone involved in the process.
  • If possible arrange for air conditioning during the move.
  • Make sure to move all technical equipment like computers, telephones, etc. first.
  • Ensure that the color codes and the allotted numbers are adhered to. This will help in putting everything in its place.
  • Finalize a date for telephone lines and systems to become operational.


Congratulations!! You have successfully moved to your new address and you must agree that following the office moving checklist made things much easier. But there are still some things that need to be set up so that you can get down to business.

  • Make sure that all areas are demarcated for your staff to see.
  • Start setting up all your tech equipment.
  • Set up your telephone and internet lines.
  • Update the new address on your company website.
  • Start creating a new phone list.
  • Distribute the same and department locations.
  • Carry out a thorough check of the premises and inform your office removalists Sydney if needed.
  • Ensure that your insurance has been transferred.
  • Make sure to wrap up any old leases.
  • Confirm whether any deposit has been received from the old premises.
  • Collect all key, passes, and key cards for the old premises and send them back.
  • Hand out the new key, passes, and key cards for the new office.
  • Check all invoices and payments.
  • Start installing new IT systems.
  • Issue a press release with your new office address.

And finally, arrange for an office-warming party for your staff to congratulate them on going through a very busy day!! 


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