How to Pack for a Move | The perfect guide

packing tips for moving

The process of relocation includes the necessity of a foolproof packing, carried out by a dependable and experienced moving agency, to make sure that your precious belongings are smoothly transported to the new destination. The right tips are mandatory to incorporate a suitable packing method and wipe your worries off the whole packing and shifting episode.

Packing tips and tricks for moving

Here, we have highlighted some moving house packing tips to implement a completely secure pack up and shift of your household stuff. Packing tips for moving will pave the way for damage-free transportation of your weighty and delicate items.

Outlining an inventory list:

A documentation of your valuable items is essential to sort out the ones that need cautious handling. So, an inventory list is the first thing you should create.

A categorical labelling:

Apart from the listing of the rooms in which the boxes have to be put in, a detailed labelling on each of those boxes will help to specify the contents in them.

Keeping a count:

You must number the boxes to keep track of them. A specific count will enable you to detect if any box goes missing and then find it out.

A fragile sticker for delicate items:

Special attention must be paid to the delicate items you wish to pack. A fragile sticker, if pasted on a box containing precious valuables like glassware, will prevent its breaking during the transfer process.

How to do the packing? – Further tips and tricks

Packing tips for moving house are not limited to the ones mentioned above. To ensure a careful packing is a vital requirement for house removals Sydney.

For the glassware:

These being the most fragile ones in your list of belongings, are likely to be shattered easily. All your glassware needs delicate care. Preferably, they should be safely wrapped up with packing paper or bubble wrap and the opening ends should be towards the base of the box. The more heavy glass items should be kept at the bottom, while the plates and bowls should be at the side. Socks can be wrapped around the glass objects to protect them against shock.

For the kitchen ware:

You must place the dishes vertically. Styrofoam plates should be kept between dishes to prevent their breaking. The tops of bottles can be wrapped with saran wrap.

For the furniture:

Nuts and bolts should be taped directly to your furniture. Fabric can be protected by using a plastic wrap covering. Table legs should be ideally wrapped with bubble wrap.

For tools:

You can pack hand tools in original boxes. The sharp edges should be covered with a blanket or towel. Tools should be kept near hardware.

For clothing and shoes:

There is no particular packing tip for your clothes but you can stuff up your shoes with socks.

Some additional home packing tips for moving:

Plastic boxes:

Instead of going through the tedious process of taping cardboard boxes, high grade plastic boxes are the best choice to pack your belongings. These are eco-friendly as well.


Getting rid of the items that you no longer need, helps a lot to prevent unnecessary cramping of space. Before you avail the help of a professional residential removals Sydney, you can dispose of unwanted and useless old stuff by selling or donating them.

Carry your important personal valuables with yourself:

 Do not make the mistake of letting your money or passport get packed with the movers. Personal valuables like cash, jewellery, passport or any important document, should be in your personal bag.

Packing artwork:

Valuable artwork must be preciously wrapped with blankets or quilts.

Newspaper stuffing:

Old newspapers can be stuffed between the spaces of valuable items. This is a traditional practice of house removalists Sydney.

As per the expertise of house removals Sydney, your entire household possessions will be safely and carefully packed using these advanced and modern packing methods. The packing is a major concern during the relocation process and with the help of a renowned agency, your packing headache will vanish.

Benefits of hiring an expert help:

Standard rates:

House removals Sydney has an eye towards your financial concerns. You are ascertained to get a solution to your packing needs at the most reasonable prices.

24/7 availability:

Whichever season you are going to be shifting, house removals Sydney will be there to assist your packing and shifting requirements. The home packing tips for moving that have been described above will be successfully implemented then.

Full insurance:

House removals Sydney has you fully insured. Though the chances of damage to your items are rare if these packing tips are executed properly, but in case of any such occurrence, you need not be worried. We got you covered.

Reloading advantage:

It is an added bonus that a top-notch house removals Sydney, will remove your anxiety about the unpacking of your belongings. The utmost care and caution, which had been there during the packing, will similarly be there for the unpacking. 

A hassle-free move using the best packing tips

Thus, there is no need to be worried about the tedious packing process anymore. The projected packing tips, when put to practical use, will definitely quicken and smoothen up your shifting process. Advanced online booking will save you the trouble of coming down in person to make an appointment. Using a professional organization, wrapping, and compact packing, the modern approach of house removals Sydney will open the avenue for a hassle-free packing and relocation to your chosen location. Two Men and Van is one of the best removalists in Sydney. 

Relocation is already a lengthy process and it is natural for you to be anxious and excited. But, the anxiety related to the packing process can be avoided if the proper packing tips are known and if these known techniques are categorically and systematically applied, none of your items will be damaged or lost. The right help at the right time indeed does wonders to reduce your stress regarding the moving procedure.

How to Pack for a Move | The perfect guide

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